TBT have EXCITING news to share with you!

(Relevant to you if you are residing in Australia! An exciting read even if you're not!) 

Team TBT have been working with the amazing Beserk Team over in Australia to bring together a full Pre-Order System of nearly our ENTIRE collection of products! UK to AU shipping has always been a sticking point for us, and our customers; it's forever been expensive. Having Beserk as an Australian Partner now means our fellow Ozzie's (we love you) can order via the Beserk website, we make your products and ship straight to Beserk HQ - they take it from there. 

TBT x Beserk Partnership - What this means for Australian Customers:

- It means you don't incur the Australian shipping fees that we would have to charge. 

- You don't pay customs/import taxes (Beserk takes care of all of this) 

- Your TBT products are transported in to the safe hands of our Beserk Partners who we love and trust. They'll combine with your other Beserk products at their HQ (huge collections; if you've not visited) 

How the Pre-Order System works: 

When heading to the Beserk website you'll see which TBT products are 'Pre-Order' and which products are currently 'in stock' at their warehouse (Pre-order shows as a helpful logo on each product). Beserk holds a range of our stock in their HQ as well as having everything else available for Pre-Order! 

Each product will give you an 'estimated dispatch time' from Beserk. This is a new system for both of us and we'll be working as quickly as both teams to fulfil your orders :) 

You get free standard shipping within Australia when you spend $89 on Beserk’s website. 

So! To conclude - SUPER EXCITING!! SUPER CHUFFED!! That we've partnered with this awesome team of humans & together we’ll be bringing you Unique Gothic Home Decor that your home is going to LOVE you for! 

- Rebecca x