Cardiff Foodbank Fundraiser with Jack Rees

Cardiff Foodbank Fundraiser with Jack Rees

The importance of Food Banks in the UK has risen in recent years; the pandemic has hugely highlighted this - 1 in 5 households currently live beneath the poverty line. 

We’ve partnered with our guy Jack (a local Triathlon athlete) on his mission to help local Food Banks – and we want you to join us (he's going to be doing the tough part here!) 


Jack trains religiously every year to take part in this iconic (and tough) sporting event and always assigns his efforts and commitments to a fundraiser that helps others.

This year Jack has a fundraising project that is close to a lot of our hearts, he's raising funds for Cardiff Food Bank. 

Food is ESSENTIAL; it's a life or death matter.

This year Jack’s kicked it up a gear and will be aiming to complete the following challenges in the Ironman Event:

2.4 mile swim + 112 mile cycle + 26.2 mile marathon to polish things off.

(He must complete the above before 17 hours lapse at Midnight, from 7am)

Jack's goal is to raise £1,000, the project is currently at £545.



Thank you to everyone that has donated!! We were able to collectively raise £225.00 (45 tickets @ £5) to donate directly to Cardiff Foodbank and one lucky donator has claimed The Skeleton Table Lamp! Jack's Gofundme page has also raised £810.00! This means Jack's goal of £1,000 has been surpassed!

Jack has a list of the goods that are most needed in our local food banks here in Cardiff; he will purchase these goods & distribute to each Foodbank centre that needs it the most. THANK YOU!!