Prior to 1st January 2021, businesses could move goods freely between EU member states; the impact of Brexit now means that fees are involved with the exporting of goods from the UK in to the EU. 

After evaluating the fees involved (for our European customers) we are happy to be able to introduce a new shipping service for the EU - 'Duties Paid by Parcelforce Worldwide'. 

What does 'Duties Paid' mean? 

All orders under €22.00 do not incur any duties, taxes or fees upon arrival in to their EU designation. 

However, fees would be charged to you when spending over this amount. When spending over €22.00 you can now select the 'Duties Paid by Parcelforce' option at check-out. This means that the shipping price you see at checkout will be the only charge you will have - The Blackened Teeth will settle all fees prior to your parcel arriving; you'll encounter no additional charges.

There are other EU shipping options at check-out if you do not wish to pay for the 'Duties Paid' service, and instead pay your due fees upon arrival in to your country. Please be sure to check you're selecting the correct shipping method; we can't change your order to a 'Duties Paid' service if you have selected a normal method (that will incur fees upon arrival). 

The introduction of this new 'Duties Paid' service will see a more streamlined and less-hassle service for our EU customers.

If you have any questions regarding an EU order with us please email Lee prior to purchasing and we'll be happy to assist you:  

 - The Blackened Teeth Team