inkbleed Pillar Candles by The Blackened Teeth
inkbleed Pillar Candles

The Blackened Teeth

inkbleed Pillar Candles

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Handmade Vegan Pillar Candles with inkbleed by The Blackened Teeth.

The inkbleed Collection turns Pillar Candles into statement pieces.
Our inkbleed effect gives the pillar an eye-catching pattern that you can't help but stare at.
The black pattern ebbing in and out of the Natural wax resembles a mixture of smoke and ink - mesmerising.

Each Pillar Candle will be uniquely handmade for you.
The patterns will vary in each candle as the dyes are added and manipulated blind - the amalgamation of the black & ivory is revealed only when the candle is pulled from its shell. Revealing a candle is a beautiful part of a candle-makers process.

Our Pillar Candles are handmade by Rebecca using a Soy Wax Blend and Vegan Scents.

The Scents:

- Seaflower & Coconut: 'The Fresh Scent'
Bursting with essence of fresh sweet coconuts and flowers. The essence of the beach really comes alive with this tempting scent of fresh coconut.

- Amber Noir: 'The Rich Scent'
Warm and intoxicating, this rich glowing amber blend is enhanced by notes of luxury spice, dark balsamic fruits and sensual exotic forests.

- Bergamont & Herbs: 'The Walk with Nature Scent'
A powerful combination of relaxing bergamot, rosemary & peppermint wrapped in a comforting medley of lavender & geranium. On dry down, musk, sandalwood & patchouli delicately unite to bring the fragrance to a calming close.

- Ritual Rose: 'The Floral Scent'
A sophisticated luxury scent that mirrors freshly picked roses. A hint of sweetness and a full blown floral aroma.

- Herbal Lavender: 'The Calming Herbal Scent'
An aroma to take you back to walking through summer fields filled with lavender. Rich and fresh floral notes. 

- Unscented: No fragrance Oil used.


20cm Pillar Candle: H 20cm x W 7.5cm

15cm Pillar Candle: H 15cm x W 7.5cm

10cm Pillar Candle: H 10cm x W 7.5cm

(Safe to burn but always place on a heat resistant surface prior to lighting!)

Processing Time:

Please note the inkbleed Pillar Candle is handmade to order, therefore has a processing time (“Making Time”) of 2-3 working days before being shipped to you. We notify you upon dispatch of your items.