You’ll need to include the following information to apply:

- First Name / Last Name
- Email Address
- Country of Residence
- Links to your: Instagram/Twitter/TikTok/YouTube Channel
You don’t need to have/use all these socials – send us whichever you use the most.

- Give us a brief over-view of why you want to join the team.
It doesn’t need to be lengthy, but it should give us a feel for why you’re wanting to come on board.
It could be that you’ve transformed your home in to a Gothic Kingdom
Or you’re a dab-hand with your camera and mood-lighting
Or that you love making and editing your own videos for TikTok.
Or simply that you love what we do so much that you need to be a part of it.

All applications will be reviewed and if you're welcomed on to our Ambassador Team we'll send over a welcome email with the next steps!