Brand Ambassadors


We’re assembling a team of like-minded Gothic Home Enthusiasts to be our brand’s ambassadors. Our ambassadors will share the same passion and undying love for this niche as we do. Sounds powerful right…

As a family owned and run business we have strong family values – being fuelled by pure passion is at the (big) heart of our operation. OK you’ll be virtual for the moment, but virtual or in the flesh – our Ambassadors will be an extension of The Blackened Teeth Team, family.

Who can be a TBT Ambassador?

Simply put; anyone that LOVES Gothic Home Décor! Especially our products!
Our team of Ambassadors will already have TBT products in their home.
They’re probably already taking gorgeous photos of their products and sharing them on their socials (there’s a lot of you already doing this!)
You’ll have an eye for taking a beautiful shot that showcases a product in its best light.
You’re a creative when it comes to the styling and composition of a photograph; you get it to tell a story and resonate with your target audience.
Your home screams I LOVE GOTHIC DÉCOR.
You can live anywhere in the world.
You do not need to have thousands of followers on your social platforms; the above is of far more value (if we can see great examples of this on your profile, that’s amazing)

What it means to be part of our Ambassador Team:

Our Ambassador Team will be assigned creative objectives via our ambassador partner program.
These objectives get submitted to your ambassador account and get shared to your social platforms. We’ll share the creativity too – various content submitted will also be shared on our social platforms.
On completion of each objective, TBT reward your achievement with points, gift cards or cash money.
So, the more objectives you complete – the more rewards you get, the bigger your TBT collection gets, the bigger part you play in our team.
As a creative business we value creative input; our ambassador program rewards your efforts and creativity.
Your points can be translated into gift codes for our store to further expand your collection, or, high objective achievers can transfer out into cash.


If all the above sounds like it fits, and you want to apply to join our exciting new ambassador team - fill out the application form below to be reviewed. We look forward to reading your submission!


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