Mystery Candle Bundle, The Blackened Teeth
Mystery Candle Bundle, The Blackened Teeth

The Blackened Teeth

Mystery Candle Bundle £20

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Introducing the Candle Bundle 

This is a mystery bundle!

You can purchase a bundle of Candles for the sale price of £20.00!

These bundles have a retail value of £30.00

The Candles Bundles are:

- Made from hand poured Soy Wax Blend & wicked.

- Varied in scents. Ranging from: 

Vanilla, Sweet Parma Violet, Bubblegum, Strawberry, Cocoa ButterBaby Powder,  Caramel, Cherry (please note you can not choose your scents/wax colours in this bundle offer! It's lucky dip, but they all smell/look fab anyway!!)

- A mixture of The Blackened Teeth Candles shown in the photographs and more:

- The Spine Candle

- Small Skull Candle

- Brain Candle 

- Medium Skull Candle

- Anatomical Heart Candle

- Baby Doll Candle

- The total value of your bundle will include products to the total of £30. 


- Soy Wax Blend (blended with other natural vegan waxes)

- Fragrance Oil

- Wax dyes

- Candle wick

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Please note - if you purchase the Mystery Candle Bundle along with other items from our store (which are stated as made to order/have a processing time) then the Mystery Candle Bundle will not be shipped within 1-2 working days. We will ship when your other items have been made according to their listing Processing Time.