The Faux Femur Bone Lamp

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'The Femur Bone Lamp' is handmade by The Blackened Teeth.

The Femur bone is a resin, life size replica of an adult femur bone (found in the leg)
This fully functioning and ready to use lamp sits permanently attached to a handmade wooden base. The wooden base is coated in protective varnish.

Perfect when bought as a pair for bedside tables - The Femur Bone Lamps are real statement pieces!

Listing Includes:
- Fully wired and ready to use lamp (as shown in photographs)
- E27 8w LED dimmable Edison Bulb
- In line cord dimmable switch (black)

Height: 68.5cm (including Lampshade)
Width/Depth: 30cm (including Lampshade)

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