Skull Jewellery Holder
Skull Ring Holder, The Blackened Teeth Ltd
Skull Jewellery Holder
Skull Jewellery Holder
Skull Jewellery Holder

The Blackened Teeth

Skull Jewellery Holder

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The Skull Jewellery Holder is a Replica skull that is purpose made to hold your precious ring collection. 

How else would you display a stunning ring collection; other than in the head of a human skull.


L: 18cm   W: 14cm  H: 21cm

Velvet insert dimensions: 8cm x 7cm x 2cm  

Weight: 1.8kg 

Holds approximately 8 rings (depending on how big your jewellery is!)


Available only in Black. 


- Plaster replica human skull, hand-painted and sealed with a protective coating. 

- Wooden base, hand-painted black

- Steel pole to support skull

- Black velvet tray, used inside skull head to display rings upright. 

Production  Time: 

Upon placing your order it will be handmade by us and dispatched in 7-11 working days. 

 * Please note the rings are not included in this piece!*

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